spiking on edges of flat fused piece

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I have been using kiln paper on my kiln shelf but have had problems with the “dust” coming over the edges in some places and causing hazing. I have now kiln washed my shelf and fired my first piece on it. It’s black 96 Coe. Just opened the kiln and found that the piece has no hazing on edges but the edges all around have small sharp spikes. How to avoid this in future?  Was the temp too hot?  300F to 1000F – hold .10 – 400F to 1440F – hold .10 – full to 960 – hold 1:45 – 200 to 800F – hold .10 – 200 to 700 – then closed kiln until room temp

I will have to cold work these sharp bits from edges – then do I need to refire to polish before I slump?



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