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Sounds like you are trying to translate an embossing powder techniques (on paper) into a glass tecnique, which is on my short list of things to figure out (so I’ll get to it sometime in the next year, lol).

Sounds to me like what you describe IS static electricity.

Anyhow I’d guess you need the same solution as with paper, an embossing buddy. That is just anything you can rub on the glass before you begin to discharge the static. On paper a used dryer sheet works, just lightly drag it over and it picks up the charge so the powder does not cling. I don’t see why that wouldn’t work with glass too.

Any results yet? My first question is how to get enough powder to stick where it will not just fade out when fused. I have thought maybe of using a reactive combo since even small layers can produce a pretty visible effect when it is a reaction.

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