So, I’m guessing that you’re

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So, I’m guessing that you’re (Stephen) saying either 1)the program will be long (2 days? longer?) or 2) the electricity costs will be high. I need to talk with the ceramic artist in residence and do some kiln testing, I think. I’m planning a different class at the moment and need to figure out the correct firing schedule for tack/contour fusing powders/frits to a single layer of standard thickness glass without much distortion. But, the kiln casting class would be preferable for the studio set up, if I can fire the pieces in the ceramic kiln at the center. That would mean no transport for me, and not using my studio kiln and tying it up for a week and not be able to use it myself.

Dee, the artist in residence is the only other person that fires the kiln and I will be meeting with her next week. I will keep your experiences in mind.



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