Smaller mold may require more holding time

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I too was frustrated with a 3X3 mold.  The bottom of my dish was rounded and didn’t sit square on the table.  I called Bullseye and they told me to increase the hold time at 1250 (which is the highest my slumping schedule recommends) to double the time that was recommended.  So, my schedule recommended a 20 minute hold and I actually did an hour hold and it worked like a charm.


My schedule was

1)  Rate – 400, Temp = 1000 Hold = 20

2)   Rate = 400, Temp 1250  Hold = 60 (increased from 20 minutes due to small size of mold)

3) Rate = AFAP, Temp = 950, Hold = 60

4) Rate = 400, Temp = 100, Hold = 0

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