Small flat beads for use on projects

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Hi Sue

I have made this type of bead, I made heart shaped pendants later & put them on after.  If you want to add to something, please tack fuse them not as I did a full fuse which flattens them a bit.

I used pieces of opal coloured glass with dichroic on top so that they came out coloured.  I have a collection now, haven’t had reason to use more yet.  You can buy a dichroic that is green/pink, it is good to put over a colour.  On clear it wouldn’t be as good.  The colours I used were mauve, pink

aqua, clear med purple & clear cobalt blue (all Spectrum 96). Remember all glass must be of the same brand..  All of mine rounded nicely & they look good.  Make a square of each & place the

dichroic on top.  Hope you have fun with them.  Tongue out

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