Scrap box


Yes, I do leave the tape on. It will burn off. I use only a little on the corners & then here and there on the bottom edge to attach the sides to the base. I’ve also used hot glue, which works well. You just need to remember that whatever you use, the box needs to be dammed because the tape or glue is going to burn off way before fusing temps.

I do not vent the kiln. There is so little tape that it doesn’t make a difference. In fact, I rarely vent my kiln, and I always use Papyros for firing (Spectrum’s answer to ThinFire). I haven’t had a problem.

Of course, that load I just put into the kiln will now be jinxed! It does contain a scrap box, and a few other “scrap projects” where I was trying to fill up corners in my large kiln. Depending upon the initial firing results, my thought is to create a drop vessel out of the scrap box. Seems like there could be some interesting glass flow…

BTW, the scrap box idea was something I learned in a class taught by Patty Gray ( If you ever have an opportunity to take a class from her, do it. You’ll learn so much your head will swim :), and she is a delightful teacher.

Dana W.

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