School project


Kiln carving with fiber paper might be a nice idea. You’re cutting out a design from the “paper” (1/8″ material — more like felt), place the glass on top, and then fuse.

A friend of mine does this with recycled glass, which is a nice idea (especially for students), but it would also require the use of a tile saw. Using fusible sheet glass would be easier.

Check out the Bullseye web site for a tip sheet on kiln-carving:

My friend’s web site is: She posts patterns regularly.

Also, if you “goggle” kiln carving and look at images, there are lots of examples.

The finished piece could be hung as a suncatcher (you could make a channel out of fiber paper when fusing), or placed in a simple wooden-block tile stand (

Have fun!

Dana W.

Jester’s Baubles Fused Glass Designs

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