Satava…jellyfish blown glass


One of my favorite glass artists is Richard Satava, out of Chico, CA. 

I visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium about 8 years ago and remember seeing a glass jellyfish in the gift store.  It was about 10" high, and I was mesmerized.  It looked so realistic.

At the time I hadn’t really started doing anything with glass, but was fascinated with glassblowing. 

A couple of years ago I finally purchased one of his pieces for my parents.  They have a "layaway plan" and I broke it up into payments.  I think the 6" one I purchased was about $450.  When I finally received the piece, I had it in my office and a coworker said "be careful, those things will sting you if that breaks…"  He thought it was a real jellyfish in a water globe.  It was absolutely amazing.

He also does ocean- and fossil-themed glass vases, and paperweights with little jellyfish.  Check out his website at

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