Rounding temperatures

Stephen Richard

I try to get all my fusing work completed with a 10 minute soak at top temperature.  Slumping and casting are different.

Well, the real test is what is the rounded tack fuse temperature for your kiln.  Not all kilns are the same, nor are the same effects achieved at the same temperature with different schedules.  You need to observe.  Looking up what someone else has done gives a guideline, not a definitive answer.

Heat work is the important concept.  A slow rise in temperature will achieve the desired effect at a lower temperature than a fast rise.

I’m not sure what you mean by “what about the devit problem with opals?”

If fired to 760C with a 10 min soak, I don’t think there should be much problem with devit, especially if you vent your kiln to 500C to allow burn out gasses from the thinfire out of the kiln.

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