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Hi Suzanne,

I see that you posted this question a long time ago, and I don’t see any replies (which just “got to me”) ;)  Perhaps one reason is that it’s very hard to imagine what it is you are trying to do, and I know that putting three dimentional things into words is a whole skill set in itself!  But if I do understand correctly, you are trying to stack six 9×9″ panels on top of each other to form a sidelight in an existing wooden door side-light, which opens.

I can’t imagine the wire wrapping beig successful, for many reasons…but then I’ve had sure-fire projects turn into compete disasters and things that were a stretch work out wonderfully.  I personally would be more inclinded to install these up against one solid clear glass panel with UV or silicon glue, and then mount that one solid piece with ??  1/4″ round wooded molding, stained to match?  I’m not clear however if there’s a groove in the wooden frame to allow for this.  But wire wrapping such large and heavy pieces sounds to me like  recipe for disaster.  But hey, make me wrong…I do all the time! :)




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