Just a heads up that not all PearlEx mica colors will withstand the heat of a fusing.

Here are some that I’ve tested with success:

  • Antique Copper (reddish copper)
  • Blue Russet (looks pretty much like Russet when fired)
  • Flamingo Pink (doesn’t stay hot pink – but fires simillar to Bullseyes Gold Purple color)
  • Relex Violet (stunning)
  • Duo Green/Yellow (ends up greenish gold)
  • True Blue (also stunning)
  • Duo Red/Blue (fires to a nice slivery blue)
  • Interference Gold (go with a cheaper non-PearlEx gold)
  • Spring Green (not at all like Bullseye Spring green – fires to an emerald color)
  • Bright Yellow (yellowish gold)
  • Turquoise (shifts ever-so-slightly between light blue and pale purple once fired)
  • Supper Copper (go with cheaper non-PearlEx copper)
  • Macro Pearl (speckled silver – tends to clog airbrush)
  • Antique Silver (dullish gray/silver)

As with anything like this – your mileage may vary :-)

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