Paragon SC2 kiln


I just went online and researched the heat distribution problem you are experiencing in your kiln. This is the newest comment from Paragon:

The SC-2 has been in production since 1997. It is a proven design that we have steadily refined every year. Our most recent design offered heating elements configured as such: The fast firing element is embedded in the firing chamber shell. The SC-2 heats from the top, bottom, and two sides. The SC-2 includes a 1/4″ thick ceramic fiber shelf.

We have just redesigned the kiln for improved heat distribution. The new design has two separate heating elements in the left and right sides of the firing chamber. The back of the chamber has no element. Extensive testing shows that the heat distribution in the new SC-2 is more even throughout the firing chamber, because heat does not build up in the back of the kiln.

I don’t know when you purchased your kiln, or if you acquired it new or re-fitted model. Perhaps, if it is not the newest model, this could account for some of your heat issues.

Personally, I still think that you are trying to do something the kiln was not intended to do. Your firing chamber is very small, and heats rapidly. Add to that the proximity to the elements question, insulating qualities of the ceramic fire, and the small amount of glass you are heating, and I am not surprised at all that it is difficult to control the factors involved. I still recommend just doing a single layer. After-all, with this kiln, it fires in minutes anyway, so what is the rush?

Hope this helps.

Cynthia Ann Swan, Terra Pax Studio, Los Angeles, CA

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