Once I used the 0.999 fine


Once I used the 0.999 fine silver as an inclusion in a glass pendant. I wrapped several strands together near the top in order to form a hook and sandwiched the rest of it in between the cap and base layers of the glass. It turned out horrible! The silver ended up an ugly gold, and the hook was super flimsy. If I were to have given the hook a slight twist all of its’ wires would have broken. It was a very expensive experiment that left me darn right frustrated! Personally, I love working with copper. It sometimes looks very red (depending on the color of the glass it sets up against) which is okay by me. It stays quite sturdy when fired to create a wire hook. The exposed wire may need a fine sanding to bring back the shine of the copper. My most favorite type of copper to use as an inclusion is “copper foil tape”. This product is made for doing stained glass work. The various color changes once fused are fabulous! I love the blue color it becomes when fused with opague glass colors such as white, peach and pastel pink. It can’t be used as a hook, of course!

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