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All done! Can’t believe it came out good.

I used the standard firing schedule for Tack Fusing 1/4″ glass, figured it wouldn’t hurt, just takes longer and uses more electricity. I have to have this done in a few days and couldn’t risk messing it up, so I’m done with it. Now that I have some experience I can mess around with firing schedules. I think because I ended up using a higher temperature to make the noodles droop, they also distorted, which is fine because they are rounder and look more like “yarn”, but anyhow now I know that and will play around to make them distort more or less as I wish. Once I got it tack-fused, the vertical/straight ends broke off pretty easily since they are hanging out there in mid-air, so I nipped them all back toward the body of the thing. Was playing around with the idea of tack-fusing the entire thing to a piece of clear (maybe thin clear or even frit?) to help with how fragile it is, but for now I will leave it alone and see how it goes. I have to wrap it and take to Denver on an airplane, I think I will double-box it and hold it on my lap the whole way :) If anyone out there does these weaves and you have any advice re: tacking to clear to bulk it up or not, please let me know.

Here’s the finished product (2nd and 3rd pictures):

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