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Stephen Richard

Claire, I will try to answer some of the questions you raise.

I just joined this form. Just got my kiln set up. It is an old kiln that has been refitted with an Auber digital programmer that is quite difficult (at least for me right now) to figure out.

My present goal is to make small pieces to use as cabachons or pendants in my hand made jewelry.

I’ve been reading lots and am confused about the different firing schedules. How do you regulate the ramp up temp to a certain number of degrees per hour?

Without knowing the programmer it is difficult to be precise, but normally the programmer is set to deg./hr or the time taken to reach a temp.  Also normally there is a way to change this.  However until you figure that out, if you know a rate per hour, then divide the target temp by the rate and that will give you the time in hours to put into the controller.  The decimal part you have to multiply by 60 to get the minutes to add to the hours.

What are some opinions on the different glasses: bullseye 90; spectrum 96; moretti 102?

They all are good glasses.  Moretti does not have a wide range of sheet glass, though.  Colours, price, ease of availability are some of the factors that will determine your choice.

Also, I’ve seen different opinions about using plain window or float glass as a top sheet over dichroic – is it just better Not to use this?

Your dichoric base and your capping glass have to be compatible.  If your dichoric is not on float, you will break up the whole piece.  Compatibility is key to the whole kiln forming experience.

Sorry for all the questions at once, but I’m anxious to get started.

Good Luck Claire

Stephen Richard

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