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My six year-old likes to use silicone ice cube molds to make freeze and fuse hearts (about 1" X 3/4") out of BE opal and transparent powders. I have fused/tacked/slumped them to an 1/8" blank in a single firing with no problems using the following schedule based on the Pyros Studio schedule ( You may need to adjust for your own kiln. :

300 degrees/hour to 1270, hold 20 minutes
AFAP to 960, hold 3 hours
50 degrees/hour to 700

I have also fused them (600 degrees/hour to 1300, hold 30 minutes) and then tacked them to a slumping base plate in a separate firing with about the same results. If you fuse first, you will probably want to ramp more slowly on the secnd firing than you would if you do all the steps at once.

Good luck!


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