Making your own tools


Wow! Where do I start. I make many of my own tools and equipment pieces.

I make my own bead making mandrels from stainless steel welding rod. I use the same rod to make the rakes and pointed tools for manipulating the glass while it is on the mandrel. When I have used the rod to the point that it is bent and not so good for beadmaking I bend a hoop in one end and rough up the other end on a grinder, I use that to clean out the bead separator.

I took three broken kilns put them together, paid $106.00 to have the digital controller and thermocouple repaired, added a 220 volt circuit to my studio, and now have a very nice glass kiln.

I bought a 70 gallon plastic pickle barrel, cut the end off and put a plexiglass window in it and now have a pretty good abrasive blaster.

I’m now working on a sandblasting handle that is small enough to blast a vase from the inside.

If one is “handy” there is no end to what you can adapt.

Anyone have a good plan for making a vibrating Lap? I have a coulpe of ideas, but would love to heard from someone that has done it.

I was very lucky, my Dad insisted that I help him on pretty much everything he did, and he did a lot.

Easily half of me equipment, I made. If I hadn’t, I couldn’t afford to be working in this art medium.


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