Length x Width x Height =


Length x Width x Height = Volume

6.00    x  4.00   x  0.25  =  6.00 cubic inches

Convert cubic inches to cubic centimeters.  You MUST convert your volume to cubic centimeters or the calculation won’t work.  It may be easier to just measure in centimeters.

6.00 cubic inches = 98.32 cubic centimeters (cc)

Now, mulitply that by 2.5, which is the specific gravity of glass.

98.32 x 2.5 = 245.8 grams.  So you will need 245.8 grams of glass. (Might want to add extra to account for the glass that will stick to the pot.)

If you measure in centimeters in the beginning the calculation is VERY easy.

Length x Width x Height x 2.5 = grams of glass needed

Now you can convert grams to ounces if you want or need to.

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