large bubbles

Jan Quade

Richard, Thanks so much for all the info. I bought fibre paper and tried another project which turned out fine. It was about the same size and covered 3/4+ with a second layer. My schedule was as follows:  275dph to 1000 hold 20 min,   100dph to 1350 hold 20 min, 9999 to 960 hold 1 hr. I slowed way down the speed going to 1350.  I want to try the John Deere emblem again. I read that two pieces of glass the same size have trouble getting the air out, but you can prop up the second layer with a small piece of glass and it disappears when fused. Or I could try just the one layer again but without the border. I could skip the border on  the double layer also. I have the schedule suggested by System96 which has 6 segments. I can use that but they recommend 200dph to 1350 and I could slow that down to 100dph because that worked in the other project. I also read that a bubble squeeze could be held as long as 2-3 hrs for projects that pose problems. So I believe that means I could hold at 1000 for a much longer time. Please tell me what you suggest and again thanks for sharing your knowledge and time. Jan

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