Kudos!  I was having a hard


Kudos!  I was having a hard time cutting good straight lines – especially when I wanted one piece of glass to lay directly next to another piece.  It seemed that when I would hand cut it along a ruler or straight edge I would always have a little wobble here or there that wasn’t noticeable until I tried joining to another piece of glass.

I’ve only used my newly installed glass cutter a few times so far, but am impressed with the straightness of the edge.  And to top it off, my husband did not get frustrated with yet another “honey, will you build this for me project” that looks easy on paper, but when you actually begin to build it – it’s not.  He had it finished in a couple of evenings after work and only one trip to Lowe’s!

I am using it on an MDF surface and it slides fine.

Thanks for coming up with an affordable solution – I love this new art medium that I have entered into but wished that the tools were not quite so expensive!


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