Kokomo Glass


Hi Liz,

I still use Kokomo for some projects and have kept a lot of notes on what works and what doesn’t.  The reds, yellows, pinks & oranges all strike way to often so I don’t bother with any of those colors in the kiln.  Once in awhile a green will “split apart” for some reason at regular fusing temps but it does ok at tack fuse.  The 10% rule works great with most of the Kokomo, so I can use a small amount of dichro,coe 90 or fusible glass with the Kokomo and not have a problem.  Right now my student’s are making wind chimes, hummingbird feeders & yard ornaments out of Kokomo and not having any problems with it at all.  I have some I made a couple years ago that are still holding up real well.

I  use it a lot with glass paints, mica, copper foil and rubber stamps and it turns out fantastic.  Much less expensive than using regular fusible glass and I get the same effect.  Makes wonderful Christmas ornaments, sun catchers & wind chimes.  I just stick with using one color and a clear cap with I need it, like if I use the mica or copper and even the pieces that are a couple years old are still looking good with no stress.

In a pinch I have used it to make frit for glass clay and it has worked out just fine, couldn’t tell a bit of difference.  It has all been a matter of trial and error, but to me most fusing is. Wink

If you have the Kokomo I say go ahead and experiment with it.  You will learn fast enough which ones work and which don’t. Keep good records and don’t get discouraged.  It’s probably easier for me since I can just run up to the factory and buy the .75 a pound scrap glass so I don’t feel like I have wasted much if something doesn’t work out.

Right now I am using a a lot more slag glass from the old glass factories that use to be around here.  A lot of it comes up in people’s yards in all kinds of beautiful colors or along the river that I can pick up for free & we have a shop that sells it for $1.50 a pound in every color you can imagine.  It fuses up in the most amazing ways and I love that I am using recycled glass.

Good luck playing with the Kokomo, please let me know how it goes.  If I can help in any way don’t hesitate to ask. Above all, have fun, you will outgrow that microwave kiln real fast, I have upgraded 3 times already and looking at a larger kiln in the next few months.


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