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Paul.. I don’t think your response was very fair.  For one thing it is unfair to move it to Stuff For Sale.  I wasn’t talking about cost..you were.  I’m not selling it.  Is cost the only reason that more people don’t use KLB?  I was trying to open up a discussion of KLB’s use.. who uses it; who doesn’t and why.  I hope your comments don’t effectively cut off any further discussion of KLB’s uses.

For you to say that for $40. you could buy 2 clay molds begs the question.  I said that KLB seems to me to be more versatile than clay molds.  You can cut up that 12″X12″ piece of KLB and create many, many different molds in different sizes and shapes.  You can use and reuse it.

And your comment that for $40 you can buy 100 pounds of clay is supercillious at best.  Once you have that 100# of clay.. then what?

Let’s hear from folks who have used both KLB and clay molds as I have.  I, personally find KLB more versatile and longer lasting and easier to store than clay molds. That’s why I want to explore the reasons that KLB is not more generally used.   Any others have ideas to share on this?

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