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Hi, I am just posting a follow up on my kiln problem..the temps were not what I told the rampmaster to fire to. This kiln had been underwater so had some salt in the brick. This gave off fumes that turned to sulfuric acid and smelled very bad! I fired it near my jewlery and hanging pieces and it coroded the metal fitting! After some research into pottery salt firings I found out how dangerious that was. Glad I didn’t breath any of it. Anyway the salt was causing a short circuit and  some of the current to not go to the elements so the temp was off. An electrician mentioned this possiblity. So I took off the controler and took it outside and washed it out with the hose. After it dried for 2 weeks I hooked it up and fired it all day at 200 to let off steam from the brick. The next day I took it to 500 and the following to a full fuse. No temperature problems and no smell. I was told you couldn’t get the salt out ever. I did have some devit problems but am working on that. One thing at a time. At least the temps are correct now. Thanks for the suggestions you sent me. yours, donna

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