Kiln Safety


I have my kiln right now set to “delay” so that it starts at 12:15 AM. By the time I get up tomorrow to work out at 5 AM, it should be in the Need to Watch It Stage (it’s a 9″ square slump), and by the time I leave for work it will be at a temp so I can turn it off and leave it.

I am now comfortable with firing at night, though it used to concern me… Occasionally, I will set a delay so that it comes on an hour or so before I come home, but I won’t leave it running without me there for more than an hour or two. I time everything so that I’m available/awake when I need to be watching the process closely (which limits how much you can get done!).  Paul has a GREAT firing schedule spreadsheet on the site  that provides the time the kiln should reach and finish each segment. i find it fairly accurate for my kiln.

Dana W.


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