Kids Art Project


Icronic, but I just did a project like this with 27 kids. I broke them into 3 groups of 9 kids. I only worked with one group at a time because they get easily out of control. Each got a 5″x5″ square of clear, a bag of glass scrapes in 3 colors with an additional “odd” element. (a piece of dicro, curly glass from the studio, small bits of rod glass or course frit, etc.). I have small bandaids for them to put on their finger tips because of the sharp edges. They get to glue the pieces any way they want. I also trace their hands on fiber paper to cut out later and put underneath the glass to create an imprint when I fuse. After they’re done I take the 9 squares tiles and arrange them in a 3 by 3 square to fuse as a single piece. It came out excellent. Each group did a different color theme and they were slumpped into a large 16″ sushi plate. The class was for Third graders.

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