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Hello again. I will have pictures next week. The first one, Fire, came out

excellent. The other 2 are being slumped as I type.

For the fiber paper hands, I tack glued them to the bottom of the glass

sheet for fusing, and I left them on for the slump. That way the imprint

stays in place. Works very well. The glass tile that the students get is

a 5″ square of clear 90 COE 3mm, bullseye. Any clear will do. The glass that

they get to put on the clear tile is assorted color bullseye pieces 3mm transparent.

That’s just my preference so they can see through the color. I also give them some

small bits of either Dicro, or small clipped pieces of rod glass or confetti. That way each

group has a different highlight. I think the liquid glass idea will work, try a test piece and

see what you get. I also used the full fuse schedule for 3 layers of glass posted here and

it was perfect. Thank you for that.

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