Jewelry fusing tutorial


Just wanted to thank you for this tutorial.  As a new fuser, I was following a standard fusing schedule, which equated to almost 5-6 hours of fusing time from start to final cool down (at which time I would turn the kiln off and could walk away.  I don’t have a programmable kiln, so I’m learning alot about schedules).  This last time, I tried your condensed fusing schedule for jewelry pieces and was amazed at the success!  Everything turned out well, no problems.  In fact, the kiln at full fuse got away from me just slightly, so next time, it will even be cut down by a little more time (I feel the pieces are just slightly overfused, but thats my opinion.)  Total time until I could turn off and walk away:  4 hours.  Gotta love it!  Smile

Thanks so much for posting this here and on your site!



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