Jewelry Findings


The only fusing I do is to make dichroic jewelry (although I want to branch out a little), so I consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to findings.  What I am doing now is buying fine silver strip which I cut into 1″ – 1 1/4″ strips. Using a large round nose pliers I form a loop at one end and sandwich it between 2 pieces of glass for the pendant. When it is done, I tumble it to harden and polish the fine silver.  I also make sterling bails the same way but I tumble them before cementing them to the pendants.  Here is a picture of some pendants using these bails although one of them has the standard Aanraku bail.

As for earrings, you can make a small loop using fine silver wire and sandwich it between 2 pieces of glass.  Tumble it to harden and shine it and you don’t need an earring bail.

Another way you can make your pendants more interesting is to wire wrap them.  I make “donuts” which I wire wrap in sterling ( and I also do this with fused glass slides (no picture).  I’m sure that all of this seems complicated, but remember we all started at the same place and through trial-and-error and practising new techniques we gain assurance and control over our materials.

Good luck.


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