I’ve tried some different ways to make bubbles

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I’ve tried the bubble powder from Delphi but it leaves a white residue around the bubbles and it looks like a white cloudy paste in the glass.  I’ve tried mixing mica powders into the bubble powder and that didn’t work either.  I’ve tried sprinkling the bubble powders inbetween the glass with the bubble powder.  I’ve seen a couple of things saying to use Borax, but is this the Borax you find in the laundry isle or is there a chemicle Borax that I need to order somewhere?  If so, where do I order it. 

I’ve also tried baking soda with mica powder which worked, but I think I used too much baking soda and the bubbles were so huge they popped, but the mica powder didn’t color the bubble like I was looking for, it just left a colored residue on the bottom of the glass, not a colored bubble.  

I’m looking for small colored bubbles on the glass.  Which it sounds like you’ve all tried.  So, my next attempt will be to try to mix enamels or powdered frit with bubble powder, baking soda or even Borax (as soon as I find out what the borax is and where to get it). 

I won’t get a chance to try any new things for a few weeks, but when I have some time, I’ll report back to you.  Maybe in the end we’ll figure it out.

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