I’ve tried several different


I’ve tried several different types of wire and none of them gave me the clean/no troubles type of result that I was after.

High fire darkened, didn’t really spall too much but I could never get it shiny again.

Copper spalls like the dickens but it can be cleaned up by an overnight "coke soak" and steel wool.  It seems to lose it’s temper a bit and is softer but you can work harden it sometimes, just don’t pound the glass! ;) 

Fine silver will turn whitish in the kiln, but it can be shined up very nice by tumbling and polishing.  The worst part of using that is the silver stain I’d get on the glass, usually a yellow to amber stain that, imo, looks bad. 

I’ve used stainless steel wire sent to me by a friend after reading that it was compatible, but I got cracking where the wire met the glass so I can’t recommend that very well.  It didn’t stay "clean" either.  :( 

It’d be wonderful if they could come up with either a wire that cleans up easy or one that is compatible w/the glass that just stayed shiny during the firing process. 

Good luck!  If you find one that works, I’d love to hear about it!

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