It’s possible but……


I’ve been going to a Ceramics Center in my hometown for over a year now and although I’m not the one who programs the kiln I do have experience with glass being fused in a ceramic kiln. 

The kiln that is being used is 8 sided and has side elements.  Heating the kiln and fusing is OK but a glass kiln is much better.  Most of my pieces have either been fused wrong or not long enough due to operator error.   Will you be the only one operating the kiln?   My experience with ceramic artists is that they have no idea what we do and therefore don’t care what happens to our glass.  I’ve had pieces break months down the road because someone, I suspect, came in and TURNED OFF the kiln before it was done cooking.  Other than that problem I’ve had no problems with any pieces.   Also be aware of how your students want their pieces fired.  We made our own molds with reclaimed clay and although I’ve been told this is not true I don’t think the molds got hot enough to melt the glass because I had no definition in my pieces.  However the molds that have been purchased on the web have work phenomenally.  So I say go for it especially if the kiln is digital.  



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