Many years before I started with warm glass I was the creative director for a company and created a postcard for a Dale Chihuly exhibit. His work in the New York Gallery was only to be viewed in the dark with only his glass illuminated. I was blown away. I guess in a way this stuck in the back of my mind and kept be drawn to glass as a medium to explore warm and not just cold as the stain glass I had been doing in the past. That mans work still awes me to no end. I do not know how to attach a pix to this note but please check out his website

I teach Advertising Art and Design to gifted 11th and 12th graders and inspiration is always an issue. I always say that inspiration comes from what is around you all the time, things that you possibly might take for granted. It’s all about seeing.

My non-glass artist that inspires me is a tough choice, I draw different types of inspiration from many different periods of art in general. I guess If I had to choose one artist it would be Renoir. Love his use of colors, composition, and light.

Thanks for asking :)


Sandi Garofalo

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