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Inclusions generally fall into one of two groups: things that burn away and things that do not.

Cellophane wrappers, twigs, and leaves all fall into the second group – they will not survive glass fusing temperatures.  You can sometimes capture the carbon residue for a “shadow” of the object.

There are techniques, though, for capturing the imagery of organic objects.  If you take a look at this piecein the FusedGlass.Org gallery you’ll see one method (read the caption for details).

You can sometimes encase objects that do not burn away at glass fusing temperatures.  To do this, the object needs to be either 1) compatible with glass (generally seen as the same expansion rate) OR 2) of such insignificant mass that the incompatibility doesn’t cause sufficient stress to break or crack anything.

I don’t know of anything that is compatble with glass but is not glass.  There may be things out there — but I haven’t run across them.

Metal foils and fiber paper fall into the group of things that are not compatible — but do not have sufficient mass to cause notable stress.

You spoon, which is not compatible, does have sufficient “heft” to result in cracks and breaks and isn’t a good candidate for inclusion in fused glass.

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