If I can do it so can you LOL

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Well I have done 2 loads in my kiln now and it is addicting.  I am waiting for kiln wash to dry on my kiln shelves now so I can try again.  The only problem I had was the kiln wash sticking to most of my pieces.  I think I was suppose to put them in the kiln and fire them for a bit b4 I put glass on them. 

My first load came out with some absolutely beautiful cabs.  I made 5 necklaces so far and wore one of them on my round to pick up mosaic “junk” and already have people wanting to know if they can buy some or take a class.  My mosaic students are anxious to learn it now too.  At first they were worried I would do this full time and not teach mosaics anymore. 

You won’t burn down the house and if you have a few pieces  turn out yucky the great thing about this we can have do overs.  I have a lot of sketches too, some way beyond what I can do right now but I will get there and so will you.  We will get through this together and end up doing all sorts of amazing things with our kilns.  I have faith in us!

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