I use the Kiln paper that

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 I use the Kiln paper that came with the begginner kit,i do not know if the kiln paper that came with the kit is “fiber paper” (doesnt say on the box) after firing the paper has a cotton like texture.

I haven’t used any kiln cleaner im not sure if the microwave kiln needs to be cleaned i looked up batt wash online ive never used it

The glass is fusing compatible its all COE 90 and the projects are composed of a few layers of glass definetly thicker than 6mm.

 I may try to reduce the power on the microwave and exend the time to see if maybe heating the glass more slowly helps.I cant think of any way,really,to control the temperaure in the microwave kiln aside from reducing the microwave power…I will also try to wash the glass before using to see if that will make a difference.

Can i use a dremmel tool or some kind of buffer tool to smooth the edges ,something i can pick up @ home depot or is there a special tool I’d be better off getting?

your input on this problem is definetly appreciated!!! I will try to get my computer camera working to add a pic of the rough edges which keep occuring.

 ****….im writing this about 3 hours later than the post above… Success! I started our 1100 watt microwave out @ full power for 2 min,then set it @ half power and microwaved the kiln in increments of 30 sec until the glass seemed like it was fused to the extent i wanted. the edges of the project i tried this with came out smooth and beautiful.This seems like the most successful approach yet to work w/this kiln. Thanks again for the advice about the temperature!******Laughing

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