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I think you misunderstand kilns and firing schedules. A ramp rate is a ramp rate, regardless of whether you are firing in a fiber kiln or a brick kiln. If I set a schedule to ramp at 300 degrees per hour to 1100 degrees, they will both fire at the rate of 300 deg/hr, it is just that the fiber kiln may likely use LESS energy to get there, since it has less thermal mass (i.e., no bricks) to heat up. Conversely, when dropping down in temp, a rate of descent of 100 degrees per hour is still 100 degrees per hour. The fiber kiln, having less thermal mass, will lose heat a little more quickly (so you’ll need MORE power than in a brick kiln), but the controller will still attempt to make sure the temp descends at 100 deg/hr.

A firing schedule (ramp rates, process temperatures & hold time) is based on the glass project — not kiln construction. The only place kiln construction even slightly comes into play is with accuracy of the thermocouple inside the kiln (e.g., if your thermocouple reads 25 degrees hotter than it actually is, you’ll need to program for 25 degrees cooler).

Dana W.

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