I have the Gryphon and had


I have the Gryphon and had the same problem when I first got it.  Really it is all in the adjustment.  That white plastic screw towards the top left of the saw.  But really, that’s the least of your problems.  When I bought my saw I had the same problem.  I tried everything and finally called customer service.  They told me to read the book and hung up.  I have been in touch with customer service a couple of times since with the same sort of “help”.  I have had my saw for 1 year and 2 months and have replaced the top and bottom pulleys 2 times each.  I have bought the “Black Diamond Fusers Blade” 4 times.  They wear out quickly.  One broke.  You have to keep so much water in it you take a bath each time you use it and it goes through the water quickly.  I hate that saw.  I bought it because it was cheap and that’s what I got, a cheap saw.


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