“….. I have a Scutt kiln

Stephen Richard

….. I have a Scutt kiln with a kiln master controller that I use for my ceramic work that I plan to use (for now) for my fusing…. I’m wondering if putting fire brick around the perimeter and letting the heat spill over the top and block the heat coming diretly from the elements would be helpful?”

Yes this is the recommended method for side fired kilns.

“…..I also have been using Spectrum 96 glass because that’s what the studio has but I’m thinking of switching to Bullseye glass (for all the great colors) which is 90COE.  Is there any difference between the two when it comes to fusing?  I know they can’t be mixed so I would have to switch out all the glass (use up the 96 that I have).”

They both fire similarly.  S96 reaches full fuse at a slightly lower temperature than Bullesye; the annealing temperatures are only a few degrees apart.  The S96 is thinner than Bullseye, so is more prone to dogboning if you do not have enough volume (i.e. sometimes two layers of S96 is not enough to prevent it).  They both are good fusing glasses, but htere is more support for Bullesye.


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