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I have a different opinion – I don’t think that Delphi should (or really can) be responsible for customers using products correctly.  They are selling products – not education.

In this case, I think the description of the product is dead-on accurate. First, the product is called a “Tile Mold” – not a slumping mold.  Second, the description clearly states “once fired you can slump it”.  That, for me at least, clearly communicates that slumping is intended after using the mold.

Lastly, and this is true of lots of stuff – not just fusing products – consumers need to understand that you can pay a little more and get a human being to support your OR you can buy online at low prices and be on your own.  If you are expecting both you will be disappointed.  Everybody says they are willing to pay for good customer support but when it comes time to buy it is off to Amazon to find the lowest price.

Stepping off my soapbox.

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