I don’t have any bricks, but


I don’t have any bricks, but if I have no luck with hairspray it might be wiseto invest in some. I have another question for you. I just attemped my first tack fusing. I looked through a few schedules and chose one I thought seemed simple enough and would work perfect. The schedule peaked at 1300. I thought that seemed low, but I found several other schedules that fired at that same temperature so I figured it would do. Sadly enough the schedule failed. The entire batch of pendants seem intact but they are malformed. There are ones that are unlevel in certain spots… cap started to slump over on one end, but flat on the other. There are others that look like they have never stepped foot in a kiln. Obviously I will not use this schedule again. How can I salvage these? I want another attempt at tacking them. Is it possible to re-fire them or are they history? If they aresalvagable, do I have to go through the entire schedule as if I were starting from step 1 or can I make some adjustments? Since the glass has been partially heated I figure this might make a difference. Maybe at this point I can only do a full fusing with these items. ?

Thanks for all of your help! Have a great week-end!

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