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petra kaiser

Hi Janet,

if you carve the bracelet into Kaiser Lee Board I would suggest that you cut it out of the board – all the way trough – than smooth the inside with your fingers and kiln wash it with primo pirmer – pre fire the primo at 500 F – this will dry the mold faster and heat sets the primer.

To save some frit you can cut chunks of clear glass and place it in there with the frit – than you pieces will not shrink as much. You might come up with a complete new bracelet – I would not attempt the same look that J. Persiko’s bracelets have.

As far as cold working goes, use your grinder and final shape it with a coarse grinder and than use a fine grinding bit to clean it up. When you place the bracelet in the kiln with a drape firing 1250 F it will fire polish nicely.

Would love to see the results.



petra kaiser – http://www.kaiserlee.com


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