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Hi…holding 5 to 10 minutes at 1460 – 1475 should not a problem, but if you are holding too long on the ramp just prior to that, as mentioned in the previous threads, through the range where crystals can form, it could lead to a problem. It wouldn’t be because it’s System 96, and I’m not sure that true devit is even the issue here, and agree that there is probably something on your glass that’s the actual culprit. Thoroughly cleaning the surface and edges should prevent this from happening again. Make sure you have enough space/airflow between shelves too (ideally, at least 4-5 inches or more), so you can avoid trapping any “gassing-off”, which can sometimes mimic devit, but isn’t the same. This rarely affects clear or transparent colored glass, but maintaining a good airflow between shelves is always recommended regardless of what you’re fusing. Hope this was helpful.

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