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Here is my experience… I started with a small Evenheat 6″ kiln. A waste of money. Quickly outgrew it. Then I bought the Paragon Pearl 22 (love it!) and eventually added a Skutt 14. I liked the Skutt, but sold it to upgrade to a Paragon 16. If I could only have one I’d get the Pearl 22 but the Paragon 16 is a good size too. What I’ve learned…. I prefer a clam shell model easier to get things in the kiln. I also upgraded to the ceramic fiber lids – cleaner. I don’t think a window is necessary or worth the extra money. I also like the controller on the Paragons better than on the Skutt, though the 3-key controllers could be designed better. In my experience, customer Service is better from Skutt than Paragon.


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