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I really prefer the band saw…I have the Diamond Laser 3000 XL now, and put the Taurus on eBay.  I think the Titan looks intriguing, but because it is a ring saw, I don’t think you have the same flexibility as the band saw because the back part of the ring is in the way…anybody know?

I’ve been happy with the 3000, but wish it had been in my budget to purchase the 5000.  However, I really don’t use it that often.  In my mind…when I was new to fusing…I wanted to cut out shapes and thought that the band saw was easier.  For the amount of time that I use it, I think the 3000 was a better choice for me.

I wrote in another area that any of these will leave a rough finish, and you’ll still have to fire polish.  If you full fuse an item cut on one of these saws, you may end up with a “scummy” edge with a funky haze on it.

I did like that the Titan was a thinner blade than the Taurus.

I think you would have less of a problem with the more powerful saw if you’re cutting really thick things.

However, for the price of the larger one, you could actually buy a nice tile saw…I end up cutting most of my straight cuts on my tile saw.  My 24″ contractor tile saw cost me about $450…only problem is it takes up room in my garage!

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