Hankerchief Mold


Hi Jolinda,

Thank you for the information about the mold, I will see if I can find a cocktail shaker as I

can then see for myself what it is like.  I have thought of buying some stainless steel as you

can use it to fuse flat pieces of glass you are going to slump into a mold.  Slumpy’s want a

minimum order of $75 so being in Australia I would have to pay nearly the same for shipment.

I also don’t have much in the way of weights to hold the glass down.  I will need to find some

before I make the glass.  My kiln is not that big, about 12 x 12 “, take some off for the kiln

shelf & it is probably even smaller.  I am thinking to do a course on learning to make your

own kiln.  A place in Victoria has a workshop where they supply all parts & teach you how to

make a kiln.  Once you have learned how, then you can make a larger one or smaller for jewellery pieces.  The kiln costs about $900 odd plus $60 for tuition on how to make it.  An electician

puts the electrical things in.  A small kiln is much cheaper than the ones available now for

doing pendants.  Thanks again Jolinda  Wink The big kiln is 400×400

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