Gold Touches



I am by no means an expert on any use of gold accent.  That said, I’ve experimented with putting LAYERS of 24 carat gold foil (4 layers to really have it show up well) in a vary small areas where the definition border does not have to be exact. It’s a bit of a challenge to use and to get it to stick on the glass, it requires a binder…I forget what I used for that, perhaps CMC, or Borax or Liquid Paint Medium?  Sorry…it escapes me now, but it was necessary to keep the “angel wings” of gold foil from flying through the air and not sticking to either the brush or the glass. I capped this with clear to protect the gold and full fused it as normal.  It made a great gold accent, but it also “seeped” through the cracks between my base glass and my top (cap) glass, like dichro will sometimes do.  Since this was not my intention I am now painting a coat of Hanovia Liquid Over the top and will fire, uncapped up to 1250, I believe (Liquid Gold will work well up to slumping temp).  I hope this meager bit is useful…good luck!  Jolinda

Windows listen attentively for the sound of broken glass.

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