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Stephen Richard

Go back to your original schedule.  You have the answer from the kiln company – they are not giving you BS.  The controller has to “learn” how much heat needs to be put into the kiln to keep the temperature stable.  So it “thinks” more heat is required to keep the the temp at 960 than is the fact.  The few minutes the kiln is staying a the higher temperature is the time the controller needs to correct the heat input.  (you will see an overshoot on the top temperature on the way up if you go fast, and for the same reason.)

Second, the anneal soak is not the most important part of the soak.  It helps to equalise the temperature within the glass.  The annealing is taking place in that 55C below the AP.  This is what needs to be slow and steady.  700F/hr is neither.  I don’t know the size of pieces you are firing, although I suppose they must be small, given the fast rises in temperature.  So maybe 100C per hour to abour 370C would give you a more stable result.


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