glue-continuing problem


I’ve tried sooo many glues!  JB weld, grey and ugly has held up for years.  I don’t feel its a quality product if there is a chance the bail will come unglued.  I’ve heard from glass jewelry artists that have 10 years experience that E6000 is good, it must be fresh.  Thw 2 part glues must be used before they skin over or get stiff or they won’t hold. Drilling holes is a very good option. I embed fine silver for pendants and earrings but I still wish there was a fail proff glue for post earrings!  good luck!  ( Always use glues with good venilation!!)

I tried to enter a link to my blog, so you could see the bails, if it dosn’t work its:   http;//  enter "glass" in upper left search area so you don’t have to look at the other art.


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