Glass sticking in mold


I have done some tests with MR97 it works well but it is expensive and because it is expensive it bugs me when there is over spray. What I would like to see from ZYP coatings is the same formulation as MR97 in a mix yourself or premixed formula that we can apply ourselves like good old fashioned kiln wash. I use kiln wash for all my slumping and fusing and it works fine. I like the hotline product best because it stays in solution longer (you don’t have to stir it as much). If you are fusing glass into a mold as opposed to slumping it in, probably better to use the hi temp kiln wash from Hotline. If you are using Bullseye kiln wash, you will have to make more of an effort to keep it in suspension so you can apply evenly. What I found works well for this is mixing up your kiln wash in a bucket and using an aquarium aerator (bubbler) to keep it in suspension.

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