Glass enamel challenge


Uou don’t mention what type of enamel you are using…and in my limited experience there is a huge difference between them, and the results they produce. Also I wasn’t clear from your first post, and it’s initial reply, if you were speaking of heat at F level or C level?

Fuse Master makes some lovely enamels, as does Ferro Sunshine enamels.  The Fuse Master line has lower fire (around 1250-1300* F, I believe) and high fire (around 1450-1525* F  I believe) so you can plan on painting before slumping with the former and before fusing with the latter.  Be sure to work with a painting medium and make some small tests…even finding the brand which works for you does not guarantee that each color in the their line will be consistent.  Hope that helps a tad…

Windows listen attentively for the sound of broken glass.

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